Collection Management Made Easier: Preview Images in List View

We are excited to announce that we’ve added preview images to list view in Zistle Collect. Having images makes it easier to categorize cards quickly as well as help identify which items in your collection don’t have an image.

As we add more capabilities to our collection management tool, we have had to alter some of the functionality available in the gallery view. List view is really the view for making bulk changes and for editing your collection quickly. However, many of you have told us that images are very central to how you organize your collection and being able to see them quickly is an important aspect of Zistle. So we decided to add a preview image to list view to help make your organizing tasks easier.

Updates to List View in Zistle Collect

 While it is a small change we hope that it will have a big impact in helping you organize your collection more effectively.

Thanks for your support while we continue to improve Zistle’s collection management tools to make it even easier to organize your collection online.

Stats Update: Contributor Weekly Leaders

Hey everyone. We want to say a very belated but very sincere thank you to all of our amazing contributors.

Here are the weekly leaders from the past few weeks. Thanks to everyone for their amazing support, knowledge and dedication to the site.

March 31st – April 6th

  1. buckstorecards - 770,343 points
  2. dswanjr - 336,584 points
  3. hofmichael - 238,925 points
  4. LatentMoths - 221,843 points
  5. BucCollector - 133,215 points
  6. Chinmusic - 119,608 points
  7. CardMarkets - 103,224 points
  8. cubbyblue34 - 95,300 points
  9. tprivitor - 78,975 points
  10. Daddiopops4 - 44,223 points
  11. Rosenort - 23,916 points
  12. d3x - 22,235 points
  13. bdlehman18 - 21,964 points
  14. jesse22 - 10,440 points
  15. kazi - 7,854 points
  16. corockies - 7,655 points
  17. AUTaxMan - 7,347 points
  18. Cubsfan23 - 6,732 points
  19. 1carddawg - 6,291 points
  20. jkirst - 5,885 points

March 24th – March 30th

  1. buckstorecards - 425,920 points
  2. dswanjr - 339,726 points
  3. LatentMoths - 257,125 points
  4. hofmichael - 169,401 points
  5. Chinmusic - 131,413 points
  6. cubbyblue34 - 125,025 points
  7. bdlehman18 - 50,304 points
  8. BucCollector - 50,045 points
  9. AUTaxMan - 44,145 points
  10. chonk34 - 30,127 points
  11. Rosenort - 18,149 points
  12. hiflew - 17,048 points
  13. geddescol - 16,725 points
  14. jkirst - 14,501 points
  15. RedCardboard - 14,200 points
  16. DarkTiger29 - 9,719 points
  17. somethingcreative - 7,729 points
  18. corockies - 7,729 points
  19. Once a Cub - 6,297 points
  20. cebartz - 4,772 points

March 17th  - March 23rd

  1. dswanjr - 776,556 points
  2. FJNo31 - 456,650 points
  3. hofmichael - 207,106 points
  4. tprivitor - 194,140 points
  5. Chinmusic - 170,752 points
  6. LatentMoths - 168,088 points
  7. bdlehman18 - 116,713 points
  8. buckstorecards - 108,357 points
  9. cubbyblue34 - 93,450 points
  10. RedCardboard - 70,122 points
  11. Rosenort - 57,946 points
  12. BucCollector - 30,993 points
  13. AUTaxMan - 29,726 points
  14. jkirst - 28,626 points
  15. geddescol - 28,432 points
  16. chonk34 - 28,203 points
  17. DarkTiger29 - 27,671 points
  18. corockies - 22,226 points
  19. brandonhines - 17,180 points
  20. Once a Cub - 13,672 points
  21. dkrill - 12,354 points

Improved collection tools: track card condition, graded info and individual notes.

We’re excited to announce some new collection tools. These tools allow Zistle members to track graded information and card condition for all cards in their collection. Tracking this information is important to many collectors who are looking to trade, sell, or just keep accurate records of their collections. This is the first step of many new features which will increase the amount of collection data you are able to track using Zistle’s collection tools.

Add card condition and grading information to card in your collection

To add grade information to any card in your collection, simply select the card notes icon in list view.


A modal window will appear with fields to enter the card condition, who the card was graded by and what grade it received.


If you have multiple cards, you can add this information for each individual card. In addition, you can now save a unique note for each individual card.

For now, this information will just be accessible in collection. In the coming weeks, we will be integrating this information into the trading tool as well as in reports and analytics for Zistle Gold Members.

Deleting cards with notes and additional information

To ensure that your collection data is accurate, you will now have the option of which items you wish to delete from your collection.

Removing items

If you are adding or removing cards that contain card graded information or notes, you will be prompted before deleting to select which items you want removed. If the card that you are removing has no such information, you will not be prompted and we will simply reduce the number of cards in your collection by 1.

It is not possible to bulk remove items that have notes or other information added to them. If you attempt to bulk remove these items, they will simply not be removed and you will receive a warning notification. However, you will still be able to bulk remove items without this information.

Looking ahead – Trading information for Individual Cards

In addition to integrating card grades, condition and notes throughout the Zistle experience, we will also be able to add more tracking capabilities on individual cards. One of the more exciting features is the ability to specify the specific cards you wish to trade. This will enable features such as only adding duplicate cards to your tradelist as well as removing the correct cards from your collection once you complete a trade.

If you have any questions about this feature or need help, contact us at [email protected]


Contributor Stats Update

Thanks for your patience in waiting for the contributor stats update. Thanks to all of our awesome members who continue to contribute awesome content to the Zistle Library.

We have had a lot of great feedback on the site update. Thanks to everyone for continuing with adding content while we focused on making sure everything was going smoothly with the architecture.

Congrats to dswanjr for taking the top spot both week.

March 10th-16th

  1. dswanjr - 377,907 points
  2. hofmichael - 311,850 points
  3. bdlehman18 - 244,873 points
  4. LatentMoths - 212,623 points
  5. Chinmusic - 163,696 points
  6. FJNo31 - 118,741 points
  7. Moyni - 96,479 points
  8. cubbyblue34 - 87,750 points
  9. buckstorecards - 75,115 points
  10. Rosenort - 67,747 points
  11. RedCardboard - 62,164 points
  12. tprivitor - 59,500 points
  13. kazi - 29,399 points
  14. Daddiopops4 - 26,433 points
  15. BucCollector - 23,100 points
  16. somethingcreative - 19,036 points
  17. ToppsTradeKing - 9,880 points
  18. corockies - 9,153 points
  19. jkirst - 7,659 points
  20. michio8197 - 7,479 points

March 17th-23rd

  1. dswanjr - 776,556 points
  2. FJNo31 - 456,650 points
  3. hofmichael - 207,106 points
  4. tprivitor - 194,140 points
  5. Chinmusic - 170,752 points
  6. LatentMoths - 168,088 points
  7. bdlehman18 - 116,713 points
  8. buckstorecards - 108,367 points
  9. cubbyblue34 - 93,450 points
  10. RedCardboard - 70,124 points
  11. Rosenort - 57,947 points
  12. BucCollector - 30,993 points
  13. AUTaxMan - 29,726 points
  14. jkirst - 28,675 points
  15. geddescol - 28,432 points
  16. chonk34 - 28,212 points
  17. DarkTiger29 - 27,671 points
  18. corockies - 22,226 points
  19. brandonhines - 17,180 points
  20. Once a Cub - 13,672 points

March Madness Giveaway: Upper Deck UNC Basketball Blaster

UNC Basketball Upper Deck Blaster


In honor of March Madness, we are giving away an Upper Deck UNC Basketball Blaster box containing 8 cards per pack and 10 packs per box. The box is sealed and contains a UNC Championship Banner inside.

Unfortunately, this giveaway is for US residents only. Don’t worry Canada, we are working to include you in future giveaways.

All you have to do is like Zistle and our contest post on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Retweet any contest related post.

We’ll announce the winner tomorrow at 7pm. Good luck!

Here are the complete sweepstakes rules.

Zistle Giveaway with ISA: 2013 Topps Chrome Connection Die-Cut Stephen Strasburg

2013 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Die-Cut

2013 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Die-Cut

Who wants free cards? Our friends over at ISA, International Sports Authentication, have graciously given us some cards to give away. We are starting with a 2013 Topps Chrome Connection Die-Cut Stephen Strasburg #SS. It is graded Gem Mint 10 from ISA.

So how do YOU get a chance to win this sweet card and those in the future? All you need to is follow us on Twitter and retweet any contest related tweet. You can also like us on Facebook and like any status about this contest.

We’ll announce the winner tomorrow at 7pm EST on Twitter and we will update this post as well.

We’ll be giving out a bunch more cards in the coming days and weeks so don’t worry if you miss out on this one.

Read Sweepstakes Rules


Zistle Gets a Major Facelift

We are very excited to announce the relaunch of Zistle! With this release, content takes center stage with bigger text size, bigger images and more display space for your cards. In addition, this new architecture is completely mobile-friendly meaning you can access all of Zistle on most modern devices.

Access all of Zistle on every device

We all know that your cards look awesome online and the best way to see them is on a big monitor.  But sometimes, you want to respond to a trade request or view your collection when you are on the go. With this new release, you can now access all of Zistle on your mobile device.  Browsing your collection, chatting in the forum, managing trades and browsing the library can now all be completed on your smart phone or tablet.

While Zistle has supported mobile access in the past, 95% of features are now accessible through any device. This is an important release for Zistle because it means that all new features will be accessible on any device. Perhaps even more importantly, the work we put in during this rewrite will allow us to be able to launch new features much more quickly than in the past. Look for lots of the features you have been requesting in the coming weeks.

Some caveats

Because Zistle is about managing all of your collectibles’ information — and you have a lot of it — it is important to note that not every feature will work well on your mobile phone. Adding new cards to the library is not (yet) supported on mobile phones but it is supported on all tablets.

Other information intensive activities such as using the set expert tools or adding multiple items to your collection is not recommended on a mobile phone. While it is possible, these data intensive experiences are still optimized for larger screens.

While most of this redesign is about making Zistle mobile-friendly, we have made a lot of small improvements and streamlined many of the workflows. Here is a quick run down of some of the changes in this release.

More display space in Collections

We’ve reconfigured the search menu to allow much more horizontal space in collections. This means that you can view more results on every page.

Zistle Collections Page Gallery View

In list view, the text is much larger and easier to read. We’ve also added more columns such as a custom collections editor.

zistle gallery list view

Custom Collections are editable in the list view

edit custom collectionWe’ve made adding cards to your custom collections much more intuitive. Since we have more room in list view, we’ve added a custom collection editor column. Clicking the edit custom collection icon for any card allows you to quickly and easily add these cards to as many custom collections as you would like.

If a card is in any custom collection, the icon will be highlighted. To see which custom collections, you will need to click the icon.

edit custom collections modal

Bulk adding cards to your Wantlist and Tradelist

In addition to making the bulk editing easier to use in list view, we have also added some options to the ‘Edit Selected’ menu including the ability to add cards to your wantlist and tradelist. This has been a highly requested feature in the past and the changes that we made in this redesign were necessary before making this change.

Card details now a modal window

Adding cards to collection in gallery view

To make the site more mobile friendly, we had to change the card details pane to a modal window. To see the card details, you can hover over the card in gallery view to view the card details or click the card name in list view.

card details modal

Looking Ahead

We hope that you are as excited about this release as we are.   Look out for a lot of new features in the coming weeks and thanks for your continued support.

Zistle Contributor Stats – Weekly Leaders / Double Header

The contributors to the Zistle library keep doing amazing things. LatentMoths has stepped up big time in Hockey and has taken responsibility for making sure that all new sets are complete, accurate and locked.

Many contributors and set experts have also been stepping up and really helping with our clean up efforts in the library. Chinmusic, hofmichael, dswanjr, tprivitor, Rosenort, and everyone else who has contributed as a set expert and moderator: Thank you SO SO much. All of you. You make the site awesome for everyone who uses it.

Here are the top 20 contributors for the past two weeks. Congrats to buckstorecards for taking top spot last week and bdlehman for taking the top prize the week before.

March 3-9

  1. buckstorecards – 1,373,479 points
  2. hofmichael – 413,862 points
  3. LatentMoths – 388,880 points
  4. dswanjr – 374,146 points
  5. Chinmusic – 238,551 points
  6. 1ranger1 – 161,207 points
  7. cubbyblue34 – 122,801 points
  8. FJNo31 – 89,210 points
  9. RedCardboard – 86,171 points
  10. tprivitor – 73,101 points
  11. Rosenort – 59,545 points
  12. corockies – 42,634 points
  13. Captain_Canuck – 30,506 points
  14. bdlehman18 – 21,408 points
  15. weekendroady – 14,853 points
  16. vitamint – 14,342 points
  17. Summertopp – 13,099 points
  18. j Yeager – 11,304 points
  19. Daddiopops4 – 10,828 points
  20. SDre31 – 10,224 points

February 24 – March 2

  1. bdlehman18 – 1,125,583 points
  2. dswanjr – 602,916 points
  3. hofmichael – 336,675 points
  4. Chinmusic – 233,582 points
  5. greentown – 214,650 points
  6. buckstorecards – 176,508 points
  7. LatentMoths – 171,475 points
  8. tprivitor – 161,533 points
  9. cubbyblue34 – 143,501 points
  10. Daddiopops4 – 57,500 points
  11. j Yeager – 51,421 points
  12. Rosenort – 46,535 points
  13. vitamint – 44,086 points
  14. Summertopp – 43,702 points
  15. 1ranger1 – 28,298 points
  16. Moyni – 26,737 points
  17. JJS9536 – 17,033 points
  18. shoeboxlegends – 16,948 points
  19. kelogan – 13,200 points
  20. SDre31 – 12,073 points

Stay tuned this week for some news regarding a big new release.

Zistle Contributor Weekly Leaders – Feb 17-23

Thanks to all of the hard-working contributors on Zistle. Many of these contributors are working hard to complete and lock checklists to make sure that we have an accurate library today and moving forward.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  1. buckstorecards - 1,016,239 points
  2. bdlehman18 - 853,205 points
  3. dswanjr - 548,101 points
  4. Moyni - 482,955 points
  5. Chinmusic - 279,930 points
  6. 1ranger1 - 269,657 points
  7. LatentMoths - 229,073 points
  8. AiThor - 203,754 points
  9. cubbyblue34 - 135,875 points
  10. hofmichael - 131,100 points
  11. ashley - 87,501 points
  12. tprivitor - 58,510 points
  13. vitamint - 41,368 points
  14. Rosenort - 39,690 points
  15. Summertopp - 33,797 points
  16. Ronnie - 33,785 points
  17. dawgfan1995 - 30,355 points
  18. BengalsFan1 - 23,549 points
  19. halos17 - 22,733 points
  20. darrenromeo - 19,583 points
  21. Lightningfan7609 - 19,072 points