New Releases This Week: 2013 Topps Chrome Football, 2014 Press Pass Racing, 2014 Topps Winter Olympics and More

2013 Topps Chrome Football


It is a big week for new releases. Here is a round up of the products coming out this week.

2013 Topps Chrome Football (scheduled release 11/20/13) is definitely the most anticipated product release this week and many cards are already hitting eBay.

The main set will maintain the veterans (111 cards) and rookie (109 cards) scheme to total 220 cards. Topps outdid themselves with parallels this year. Collecting the rainbow will include 11 parallel sets not including printing plates: Refractors, Blue Wave, PrismMilitary (#d to 499), Pink (#d to 399), Black (#d to 299), Blue (#d to 199), Sepia (#d to 99), Gold (#d to 50), Red (#d to 25) and SuperFractors (#d to1). Orange and Purple parallels have made it to eBay as well bringing the total to an astounding 13 parallels.

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It wouldn’t be Topps if there weren’t base set variations. On top of the parallels, there are 55 variations from the Main Set (30 veterans and 25 rookies) as well as Autographed variations. Rookie autographed variations feature 60 cards with several parallel sets: Refractor #d to 150, Military (#d to 99), Pink (#d to 75), Black (#d to 25), Prism (#d to 15), Gold (#d to 10), Red (#d to10) and SuperFractor # (Hobby). The Veteran versions of the autograph variations do not have any parallels.

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Vintage throwback designs include 1959 Topps Minis,  1965 Tall Boys, 1969 Topps  and 1986 Topps.

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Other inserts include 1,000-Yard Club and 4,000 Yard Club. There are also Rookie Relics, Dual Rookie Autographs and Triple Rookie Autographs.

Set Expert hofmichael has been working hard to get this checklist into the Zistle library so you can track your collection. We’d love to see some scans as you start to break this product!

Hobby Box Breakdown

  • 24 packs, 4 cards each, 96 Total Cards
  • 1 Guaranteed Rookie Autograph
  • 1 Guaranteed Prism Refractor
  • Hobby Exclusives: Prism Parallels, Sepia Parallels, SuperFractor Parallels, Printing Plates, Base Rookie Autograph Variations, Rookie Autograph Red Refractor, Rookie Autograph SuperFractor, 1969 Topps Autograph Cards, Autograph and SuperFractor Chrome Die-Cut Rookies, and Rookie Autograph Patches.

2014 Press Pass Nascar


Press Pass 2014 comes out this week as well marking the debut of the racing collectible season.

Seven different types of cards comprise the main set of Press Pass: Sprint Cup Drivers (1-43), Nationwide Drivers (44-57), Camping World Drivers (58-65), Ground Crew (66-74), Giving Back (75-80), Hot Seat (81-89), Snapshots (90-99) and a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Checklist marks card #100.

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There are 4 Hobby Only Parallels including Gold, Black (#d to 70), Cyan (#d to 35) and Yellow (#d to 5). 3 of the serial numbered parallels are inserted into each hobby box.

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Memorabilia cards include Burning Rubber (with Gold, Halo Blue and Melting Parallels), Burning Rubber Letterman Edition , Three Wide and Four Wide (both with Gold and Melting Parallels).

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Autograph subsets include the standard Signature Series (Gold #d to 9 or less, Melting #d to 1), Certified Winners (Gold and Melting), Press Pass Signings (Silver, Gold, Halo, Blue and Plates) and Die-Cut Aerodynamic Autos (Halo #d to 20 or less and Blue #d to 1).

Hobby Box Breakdown

  • 6 cards per pack, 30 cards per pack, 180 cards per box
  • 1 Autograph and 1 Memorabilia Cards guaranteed in every box
  • 3 #d parallels in every box


2014 Topps US Olympic

2014 Winter Olympics

Topps releases a set this week dedicated to the Winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia. It’s fun to get into the spirit of the Olympics with this set. In addition to some great cards of this year’s hopefuls, past champions and the Paralympic team will also be featured.





2013 Rittenhouse Women of Marvel Series 2

Whoever dreamed up comic based collectible cards is a genius. Our entertainment / non-sport community on Zistle is still nascent but growing quickly and well, we love these cards.

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The Women of Marvel series features, you guessed it, the most popular female superheroes from Marvel Comics. The Main Set features 90 cards with a Sapphire, Emerald (#d to 100) and Diamond Parallels (#d to 10).

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Inserts include the Embrace series, Women of Marvel Framed and Ultimate Heroes. Marvel Artifex will also have an autographed parallel inserted one per case.

The big draw will be sketch cards which will be inserted into every box. Can’t wait to see those to start popping up!

Hobby Box Breakdown:

  • 24 packs, 5 cards per pack, 120 total cards
  • 1 Color Sketch Card or Multi-Card Sketch Puzzle

TSHISTORY8102014 Tristar Hidden Treasures 

As if that wasn’t enough, 2014 Tristar Hidden Treasures 8×10 Packs. Each pack features one of 270 different autographed 8×10 photos of current and former players. There is also a randomly inserted Grand  Treasure featuring a Tom Brady framed Jersey and Diamond Treasures featuring an autographed jersey of either Sammy Baugh, Joe Namath or J.J. Watt.

2013 Leaf Best of Football

Last but not least, 2013 Leaf Best of Football hits the market tomorrow which aims at high end collectors with only 2,400 boxes of two cards each. Each box features an original art card and either a rare buyback, slabbed card, rookie cards or vintage pack redemption.

We’re working to get the 2014 year set up so that we can get these cards into the Zistle Library. Thanks for your patience and happy collecting!